Project 30/30 Day 16-25. Baking, donations, the Police Department, teacher appreciation!

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Wow, I am such a blogging slacker! I could never be the person who blogs every, single day. I can barely get dinner on the table every night (which, honestly, I don't... shhhh) let alone sit down and spill my guts out. The past week and a half have been a whirlwind of Project 30/30 acts of kindness and it's time to catch up and reflect. 

As I said before, this project just as difficult as I expected it to be. Recently, a woman from the Daniel Island Newspaper asked what I have learned from this experience. I could certainly fill a page with hundreds of thoughts but here are the top things I've learned:

1. A hand-drawn card from a 3-year-old may as well be magic itself. People love getting artwork from kids! I had Liam make cards for his teachers, his school Chef, our mail carrier, and the Mount Pleasant Police Department this week. 

2. You will have to spend a little money. Starbucks isn't free, and sticking money in diaper boxes is really fun, try it!

3. Some people will want nothing to do with your charity. One woman sitting in the Drive-Thru at Starbucks barely rolled her window down for me and didn't want a gift card. That's cool. Another time, moms at Barnes and Nobel almost looked at me cross-eyed when I offered to read to their kids. No problem, others enjoyed it. 

4. Baking and giving people coffee really do warm the soul. Coffee is a universal symbol of comfort and warmth. Baking requires more time and is definitely more personal, and people on the receiving end know this. Don't underestimate a good banana bread.


Project 30/30 Day 16-25


Day 16: Thank you to our mail carrier!

Talk about being under appreciated! I have noticed that people down south tend to be more outwardly friendly that in other places- and I've definitely seen neighbors wave to our mail lady, but since mail boxes are lining the street rather than next to the front door there is a bit more distance now. How cool to open someone's mail box for a delivery and see something especially for you. I hope she was thrilled:)



Day 17: Home baked zucchini bread for Mikaela.

Mikaela has done so much for me personally, and our family in the past year and a half that this is the least I can do. Not only has she hand-built custom furniture and decorations for our home, but she has also sent me thousands of dollars worth of business from working at a local bridal store. Mikaela, I love all of your work and think you are amazing! You are a bon fire in this world and we appreciate you so much!



Day 18: Thanksgiving donations to the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Grocery stores are ALWAYS offering 'buy one get one' deals so take advantage! Donating all these food items cost me about $7 extra. Anyone can do it.



Day 19: Picking up trash at the park.

We live within walking distance of some amazing parks here on Daniel Island. Center Park is only a three minute walk from our home, which is such a blessing. This neighborhood does a really good job of keeping up the grounds, but once in a while there is some garbage. We did not have a big job this day, but I thought it was a good opportunity to make Liam aware of taking care of your surroundings and throwing trash way properly. 



Day 20: One bag of food for less than $5!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for so many reasons, but it definitely surrounds food and family. I am constantly grateful that I am able to go to the grocery store whenever I need to and can easily fill my pantry and refrigerator. It's easy to overlook the fact that millions of people are hungry every day, and it's hard to believe that it really is a big issue in our own country. This is one act of kindness that I will make a regular focus.



Day 21: Surprise flowers on Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year Timothy, Liam, and I will be traveling to Philadelphia for a wedding and will be having dinner with the Falzone Family! My mom and sisters will be celebrating in Syracuse so I decided to have this centerpiece delivered as a surprise. It's the simple things that say a lot:)



Day 22: Hiding money in diaper boxes. Sometimes good things DO come in diapers:)

Having a newborn baby is the most wonderful thing in the entire world! It's also the most emotionally exhausting thing you could ever imagine. These little tiny creatures also need a TON of things, especially diapers. I had no idea that newborns could go through 20+ diapers in a day and man, they are not cheap. How cool would it be to schlep to the store simply expecting to stock up on some diapers, then BOOM- $10 just for the heck of it. The chances that this money will be spent on coffee are pretty high!



Day 23: Teacher appreciation for Miss Lina and Miss Jenny.

I've said it before, teachers are superheroes and that is an understatement. Liam has been having a wonderful year with Miss Lina and Miss Jenny. The fact that he tells me he is excited to go to school in the morning and wants to stay longer in the afternoon is music to my ears! Liam is excelling in Spanish with Miss Lina, working on his handwriting, drawing Mat Man, counting all the days in the month, singing songs about the months of the year, and even explaining new vocabulary words to me. I thought a little holiday gift was in order. Thank you teachers!



Day 24: Coffee, bagels, and artwork for the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

This one almost didn't happen at all! I went to Dunkin Donuts and they were practically sold out of everything. I definitely emptied the shelf of bagels and drained the remaining coffee for these police officers, and it was worth it. The were more than excited when I arrived at the front desk with some good coffee and food, and even more so when I showed them the picture Liam drew for them. I told you, kid's art is magic.



Day 25: A little gift for Chef Michelle at Daniel Island Academy.

Chef Michelle is the school chef at Daniel Island Academy. All the food served in the school is made in the kitchen. They are very careful about food allergies and making sure the kids have super healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. I often see Chef Michelle in the hallway with juice and muffins and she always has a smile on her face. She recently compiled a cook book of her most popular recipes and I, of course, bought one for home. Liam gets excited to read what the afternoon snack is, hoping it's muffins or bread. Chef Michelle is my inspiration!



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